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Friday, June 17, 2005

the child is defiling the mild

Ugh - way too busy.

Friday links will be here on Saturday??


Have a wonderful weekend,

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

There goes the neighborhood

There's this woman who lives at the back end of the neighborhood who is a fitness freak. She's in excellent shape, all blonde and perfect, and she's always jogging past the house. Not unusual, except for the fact that the reason I even noticed her at all was the fact that she was jogging while she was very pregnant.

She had some kind of serious strappage to support her stomach, which I'm sure she bought at one of those running stores that your humble author will NEVER see the inside of. Anyway, we'd see her getting larger every day but never letting up on her fitness routine. (She runs all the way down to the highway and back, so she's doing at least 5 miles a day.)

So eventually, I didn't see her for like a week. Then, sure as shit, she was back - tummy flat now, and running with a freaking stroller!! Jesus!!


Monday, June 13, 2005

Shadowy Figures

I ended up going up to work several times this weekend, and every time, Poopie was there, sitting in the dark doing experiments or data reduction. He never turns the lights on - I don't know how he can see what he's doing! I swear he's turning into a vampire - or a mole maybe. And he's gotten so anti-social that he leaves the building when anyone else shows up. Weird guy.


Did I ever mention my kooky friend, LoveTree? She's kind of a hippie-chick/intellectual who I met at school. I was talking to another mutual friend of ours this weekend, and the mutual friend told me that LoveTree has still not weaned her child. Did I mention the child is now THREE YEARS OLD?? LoveTree said she wanted to have another baby, but she wanted to wait until the first one was no longer nursing. God, that could be twelve, thirteen years at the rate she's going. . .


Oh yeah, before I forget: Happy Birthday Enigma! (FKA TheAscetic).



Friday, June 10, 2005


Oh man, last night I dreamt that two male friends of mine were making out with each other in my living room! Jesus, I hope that's not a prognostication of future drama!!

We've been relatively drama-free this week. In fact, it's been downright boring! Now, I'm not trying to lay blame or anything, but the one thing that is different this week is that Cakes is out of town. I'm not saying anything here... I'm just sayin'...


Might as well toss out the Friday links. You'll be able to figure out the theme...

One never knows when a homosexual is about:

Boys Beware is a scary "educational" film from the early 60's that chronicles the dangers of homosexuals. (Did you know that public restrooms can often be a hangout for the homosexual?)


The Chupacabra lets his freak flag fly:

You see that 1961 film up there and think, "Well thank goodness we've changed!" And then you remember the Christian Conservatives. . .


She-Males? What about the He-She's? Did anyone think to mention them? It's discrimination, I tell ya:

She-Male Bill Pushed by Senator Ted Kennedy


Oh, if only we could all be happy heteros!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Where have you gone

A few days ago I posted an entry about my friend Mark, who died unexpectedly on May 31st. I don't think any of you met him - he was a good friend to DxB's Dad, and we'd known him for twelve years or so. Mark was quite a character, always had an opinion, usually with a smart(assed) remark to accompany it.

Mark had been in a very bad motorcycle accident a few years ago which left him with a lot of troubles which were complicated by him being a diabetic. In addition to the physical ramifications of the accident, there were changes in his personality following his crash. He became much more hostile, more paranoid - just generally difficult and weird. We never knew if these changes were a result of depression or if he'd sustained some kind of head injury. Stubborn shit that he was, he refused to see a neurologist, OR a psychologist.

His wife and his employees tried to go along and help him out, but in the end it was too much for some of them. He and his wife split up, but remained friends, and some of his most loyal coworkers left the business. It just became too difficult to deal with for them. Mark started to distance himself from the rest of his friends and family, and dove full-on into his work. This didn't seem to be too horrible, as his business was providing respite care and recreational services to the disabled - a very noble occupation.

Unfortunately, something finally snapped with Mark. Now, no one is exactly sure what happened, but it looks like perhaps he overdosed himself on his insulin. Everyone is certain that it wasn't an accident, given his record of exemplary control of his blood sugar. Add to the mix this depression he'd been enduring and. . . there you have it.

The strange thing is, it's kind of like he just disappeared rather than died. His family came from Dallas the day after his body was found. They took posession of his remains - and left. There was nothing. They didn't even place an obituary in any newspapers. We had an impromptu memorial service at his ex-wife's place on Saturday, and there were probably sixty people there, but no one knew ANYTHING. Even his step-kids were in the dark. We didn't even know where his remains were. It's so strange and surreal.

Maybe someday we'll get the story, maybe not.

Take Care,

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Loo loo loo, I got some apples

Know what time it is?

It's time for, TALES FROM THE GROCERY CART!!! (you know you want it!)


The grocery store here in town is trying (I guess) to appeal to the young college consumers so they've been playing an interesting selection of music in the store. (It's freaking embarrassing when you find yourself singing along to the store music as you're bagging up some broccoli. . .) Anyway, here's the playlist from the last time I was in there:

Modest Mouse, Green Day, Scissor Sisters, Pixies and Bright Eyes.


This isn't really a tale from the cart, but it happened on the way to the store, so I say it qualifies! I was getting gas on Saturday and some woman in a gigantic Ford Land Destroyer was pulling up to the pump on the opposite side of where I was. I guess she overshot the landing, or was too far away or something - anyway, she threw it in reverse and started backing up. Her positioning still wasn't right so she did the forward/back thing a couple more times, each time inching closer and closer to the pump. On what turned out to be her last backing-up, she slammed into the gas pump! You'd think that after she heard the crash and felt the bump she'd have, you know, STOPPED. Right? Wrong! She kept backing up, putting a lovely 2 foot long gash in the side of her Ford Environment Raper. Even funnier? The pump she hit was on the driver's side. . .


Overheard in the HEB parking lot:

Old LongHair #1: Man, she's a witch!
Old LongHair #2: What?
Old LongHair #1: A practicing witch - like she practices witchcraft!
Old LongHair #2: Dude!
Old LongHair #1: Yeah!
Old LongHair #3: I bet she's a monster in the sack.


That was a pretty lame TFTGC, but if you read this, you expect lame, don't you??

Have a wonderful day,

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Big Big Love

Welcome to the world, Anna Kerwin!!

Born: June 7, 2005

Congratulations to Mom Wendi and Dad Sean!!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Life's too short to go barefoot

I was writing this big assed dissertation on the shit that went down last week, but goddamn, I'm tired of drama. Fuck it! I'm writing about shoes.

I just bought these:

And these - which are the coolest shoes EVER!!!

These are more than likely in my future (the left one says "Roll"):

I had a dream once where a friend and I were being chased by some bad guys, and at one point they were hurling all these shoes at us. They were trying to kill us, with shoes, mind you, but I kept stopping and picking up the shoes and asking, "Hey, can I have these?"


Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Mark Martin