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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Loo loo loo, I got some apples

Know what time it is?

It's time for, TALES FROM THE GROCERY CART!!! (you know you want it!)


The grocery store here in town is trying (I guess) to appeal to the young college consumers so they've been playing an interesting selection of music in the store. (It's freaking embarrassing when you find yourself singing along to the store music as you're bagging up some broccoli. . .) Anyway, here's the playlist from the last time I was in there:

Modest Mouse, Green Day, Scissor Sisters, Pixies and Bright Eyes.


This isn't really a tale from the cart, but it happened on the way to the store, so I say it qualifies! I was getting gas on Saturday and some woman in a gigantic Ford Land Destroyer was pulling up to the pump on the opposite side of where I was. I guess she overshot the landing, or was too far away or something - anyway, she threw it in reverse and started backing up. Her positioning still wasn't right so she did the forward/back thing a couple more times, each time inching closer and closer to the pump. On what turned out to be her last backing-up, she slammed into the gas pump! You'd think that after she heard the crash and felt the bump she'd have, you know, STOPPED. Right? Wrong! She kept backing up, putting a lovely 2 foot long gash in the side of her Ford Environment Raper. Even funnier? The pump she hit was on the driver's side. . .


Overheard in the HEB parking lot:

Old LongHair #1: Man, she's a witch!
Old LongHair #2: What?
Old LongHair #1: A practicing witch - like she practices witchcraft!
Old LongHair #2: Dude!
Old LongHair #1: Yeah!
Old LongHair #3: I bet she's a monster in the sack.


That was a pretty lame TFTGC, but if you read this, you expect lame, don't you??

Have a wonderful day,


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