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Friday, May 20, 2005

Follie Folly

Expect some dramaqueen posts in the next few days - shit's lighting up all over the place!

I'll just get right to the Friday Link-o-Rama - today's theme is

Spontaneous habitual worry wart is a weblog of a Texas woman's quest to have a baby. Especially freaky compelling are the letters she writes to her "future babies". And this is (I think) a highly fictionalized account of a Femaryl injection? Fuck if I know. . . I don't know whether to feel sorry for this woman, or to think she's completely fucking insane.

Along the same bizarro world lines, we have Lesa, who apparently is a BIG fan of animated emoticons. . .

And here's Bastya the Hamster's own personal blog. (Why does this one seem normal compared to the previous two??)

A personal favorite, though I'm not sure why: The Haiku Master! (It's gotta be the cabbage toupee!)

Okay, enough insanity. (Remember that line, it will come in handy in the next few days.) Here's a bit of normal shit:

Ariel has a nice photoblog featuring scenes from Japan. I absolutely adore this photo.



Blogger the haiku master said...

Hi Sheila!

Thanks for the recommendation! It's not hard to understand why you like my "blog" so much, though -- it's because I'm very, very suave.

Oh, but that's no toupee, that's my real hair.


The Haiku Master

9:39 PM  

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