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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Oooh, I almost forgot that today is the one-year anniversary of BLACK MONDAY, FishWorld's most scandalous event!

You've all heard the story, but here's an excerpt from the LJ-TVS:

"...on that Monday, Cakes was at a baseball game and Gherkin kept calling her. He was out in Austin with Hellboy, another guy from the lab. She didn't answer the calls, but then she got a call from TheFiancee, who left a message: "Cakes, I really need to talk to you. Please call me as soon as you can." Cakes thought something had happened, so she called TheFiancee. The Fiancee said, "I want to know the nature of your relationship with Gherkin" and Cakes straight up told her everything. Then she asked Cakes if they could meet and talk.
After about an hour and a half, Cakes called me and asked if I could come down to the Parrot with her and TheFiancee. TheFiancee was upset, but once she heard all the lies and shit that Gherkin had told Cakes, she was understanding. Anyway, during their little chat, guess who called Cakes???? yep - good ol' Gherkin. He asked, "What are you doing?" She said, "Oh, I'm here at the Parrot with some people." He asked if he could come over, and she quickly told TheFiancee what was up. TheFiancee said, "Tell him to come on down!"
I got to the Parrot about 15 minutes before Gherkin and we were sitting in the back - me and TheFiancee against the wall, Cakes opposite us, so that Gherkin wouldn't see TheFiancee at first. Gherkin apparently told Manic that he "set something up so that we can party in San Marcos" and they drove down. They walk in, Gherkin sees Cakes and says, "You look goooood." Then he turns around, sees me, then immediately sees TheFiancee. Oh man - his face - oh man - it was like "I am totally, completely, absolutely, FUCKED." Hellboy was just shell-shocked - he didn't even know that Gherkin had a girlfriend!
Gherkin sits down, and TheFiancee asked him, "Did you sleep with Cakes?" He tried to deny it, but FINALLY admitted that he had. TheFiancee totally lost it. She got up and started screaming to the frat guys in the bar: "This is a lying, cheating mother fucker, and he's got a goddamn PENCIL DICK - he's never been able to get me off..." Then she turned around and started smacking the shit out of Gherkin's head!"

Fun stuff.



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