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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Going to hell in a fast car

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my car. . .

I started hearing that thump-clud-wronk! noise from the back end again so I took it to Nissan to get an alignment. Nissan has a semi-recall out on the cars, telling you to take it in for a toe-in alignment adjustment if you hear noise from the back end. (You have to be really careful to keep a good toe-in alignment with the '03's or you lose tires quickly.) I've already had it in once on Nissan's money, but now it's up to me to keep it in good shape. No problem, an alignment is a hell of a lot cheaper than four new tires. So I took it to the dealer and the guy who took my info asked me which way it was pulling - I told him it wasn't pulling, but I knew from the noise that the toe-in was off. He looked at me like I was insane and wrote "car pulls" on the service ticket. I reiterated to him that it was NOT pulling and I wasn't wanting a recall-related alignment, I was paying for it myself. When I picked it up, they hadn't done the alignment because they "couldn't reproduce the pulling". No shit, assholes.

The day before I took it in, the craptastic high quality Bose stereo stopped reading CDs. So I had them order a replacement stereo for me as well. This will be Bose #3 for me - I'm still not on top of the Bose-Replacement-Race on the Z-Forums, some guy is on #5. . .

I'm saving the hatchback latch and the gas cover problems for next time - you KNOW there will be a next time. . .

In summary, this is what's been wrong with the Z:
Tire Pressure Monitors: Replaced
Toe-In Alignment: Fixed
Feathered Tires: Replaced
Driver's Side Window Motor: Replaced
Bose Stereo System 1: Replaced
Bose Stereo System 2: Replaced
Toe-In Alignment 2: Pending
Gas Cap Latch: Pending
Trunk Latch: Pending

This is the only car I've ever had where I was able to take advantage of the damn warranty (and how!)

Oh, and somewhat Z-related - my little "Obscured License Plate" Ticket?? $185!!! Fucking hell!!

Without further discussion of cars, here are your Friday links:

I'm revisiting a favorite theme: Religious Wing-Nuts

This is Lorraine Jensen, and she wants to tell you a thing or two about Jesus. Too bad Jesus didn't tell her a thing or two about restraint in web design. (Actually, I ripped some pretty kickass fire graphics from her Hell page. . .) Be sure you "Click on His Payment" to see Lorraine's whole schtick - including the JESUS SLIDE SHOW!!

This is a classy 9-11 memorial. . . Wait a minute. . . Can it be? I think it is. . . Yes! It Is!! It's NASCAR JESUS!!!

And what about This Heavenly Jesus Picture? Surely she could sell that to the Golden Palace Casino on Ebay, don'cha think??

I think I've posted this before, but you know cleanliness is next to godliness! (Does anybody really need instruction on how to clean their kitchen??)



Anonymous Sunrise said...

How is this for sad? I am reading the links for Friday on Wednesday.

8:46 PM  

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