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Friday, April 01, 2005

Warning! Real names have been used.

Ho-ly fuck. JoeToe has really fucking gone off the deep end.

Wednesday, DxB got after him about not having his stuff ready for his poster presentation in Dallas next week. JT threw a hissy fit and got really, REALLY pissed at DxB. He was literally red and shaking, but he had to go to class, so he left in a fume.

During JT's classtime (noon to 1:00 pm), a bunch of us were going back and forth between the lab and the conference room where Hellboy was going over a presentation. Sometime between 1:30 and 1:45, someone walked into DxB's lab and stole his laptop and his backup data CD. They didn't take anything else, not even the power supply for the laptop, and there were two sets of keys, two cell phones, a backback and another laptop sitting right there.

JT was hanging around and he asked me what happened. I told him, and he quickly announced that it "had to be an inside job." Then he blamed some random guy who works in the stock center (a very improbable possibility) and emphasized again that the theif must be someone who works here, "because why else would DxB be specifically targeted?" Now, I don't know, but all that talk of his just made me suspicious of him.
Update: Hellboy just told me that JT had been emphatically telling him it was an inside job, but this time he said he "knew" that it was Special K - another one of our stock center workers (not the same one JT blamed when he was with me.)

Then JT started telling me how he had been "on the verge of a serious depression" that day, and how DxB "attacked" him and started "screaming" at him for no reason. He told me that DxB was a big jerk and that someone should tell him (Yes, he's telling me this. . . can we say dumbass?) He said DxB was "holding him back" and "trying to keep him down." What the?? We all know DxB can be a bit on the uh, harsh side - but he's really not an asshole (at least to other people!!) DxB was stern, but certainly didn't "scream" or even raise his voice a little. And all he told JT was to get his stuff to RW before RW had a screaming fit about it - really, DxB was just trying to save JT from an RW outburst.

But, JT just kept telling me how he felt like a victim in this lab and how everyone was against him and how everyone held him to a higher degree of expectation. (Huh?) As if that wasn't stupid enough, he lit into Cakes, telling me that her writing SUCKED and asking why she always gets "her way" in the lab - even went so far as to say she had an easy time of it because she's "a Mexican who relies on special treatment." (I was too shocked to get pissed right then.) He's made forays down this road before, but he'd never actually come right out and said it as he did then.

AND THEN, because the fire was not hot enough, he told me that it was "unacceptable" that Okashii's name was on our manuscript and poster because "He does NOT have the proper qualifications." FUCK?? Goddamn - Okashii did the fucking work - if that's not "qualifications" enough then I don't know what is. (This all stems from the fact that JT CANNOT understand how Okashii has a career in science, yet has a Master's in English.) What makes the whole "qualifications" thing even funnier is that fuck-head JT doesn't even have a fucking degree. sonofabitch!

So, JT leaves for the day, and I'm SUPER-PISSED off because he's just insulted DxB, Cakes and Okashii. I start to tell everyone what he said about everything, and we ALL start to think that maybe he stole DxB's computer. Everyone was getting tense thinking that the guy is certifiable. RW tells DxB and me that he wants to meet with us and JT the next morning to get this straightened out.

Okay, so now it's Thursday morning. JT comes in, I tell him he needs to talk with RW, so we all go into his office. RW told JT that he was dissapointed in his performance for multiple reasons and went on and on describing the things that he was displeased with including presenting other people's data as his own, not getting the poster done, wasting time and resources on the project he's working on, and not having any results for the poster. (All the data on the poster was supposed to be his, but he didn't have any, so we had to use mine.) JT got very meek and was calling RW and DxB "sir" and whatnot - it was pretty funny. RW told him to forget about getting the poster together, because he was going to have it removed from the meeting agenda, and that meant JT was not going to Dallas with us. Then RW said, I think what you should do is finish up your work for your class (he's doing undergrad research in this lab for a senior level biochem lab class) and "move on." It was pretty obvious that "move on" meant "get the fuck out."

We leave the office and JT pulls me aside and tells me he feels "dejected" and actually asked me if that meant he was only here for another 5 weeks (ie to the end of the semester.) Well, duh. Then he was almost crying, telling me that he didn't know what he was going to do, blah, blah, blah. I guess he had decided that he was going to have a job here when he graduated - where he got that idea I'll never fucking know. I told him that he should have made alternative arrangements - what the hell else could I say?

He leaves, and later on I was shooting the shit with RW - talking about his kids (ages 7 and 12) and maturity vs. immaturity. Somehow (ha!) JT's name popped up, and RW decided that since JT had some distinct Froot Loop characteristics, we should limit his access to the lab. So, RW had the door locks reprogrammed to prevent JT's access.

On to Friday. JT came to the lab, found he couldn't get in and got VERY UPSET. We had a long talk - here are the salient points:
1. He's planning to write a "research proposal" for RW about his project.
2. Upon reading such proposal, RW will be so impressed (he actually said that) that he will have to reconsider what he said Thursday. He said he was sweetening the deal by offering to work in here for FREE for the month of June, and only after that would he ask for a salary.
3. RW should be careful, because JT could "easily ruin his career" by going to something like the Dallas meeting: "I could go to Dallas, portray RW as an ass, present totally made up data, and destroy his whole establishment."
4. I asked if that was a threat, he said no, but he was "just saying."
5. I said most people would perceive that as a threat.
6. He didn't mean it as a threat, and "...they would be wrong if they perceived it as such."
7. I told him that one piddly undergraduate acting like a vindictive bitch could never even make a dent in Ron's career, and all he would succeed in would be making himself look like a little ass.
8. He said he couldn't understand why his access to the lab had been cut off and that " seems like RW is trying to sabotage me."
9. He got mad at me because I was not supporting him. (Hello? I gave him an entire manuscript's worth of data to present as a poster with him as first author? Hello?)
10. I gave him a lecture about "the real world", "independent research" and acting like an adult.
11. He concluded by telling me that none of what I said mattered because his proposal was going to be so impressive that it would "...change everything around this lab - the whole structure." (Does it sound like this little cocksucker thinks he's going to be taking my job? HAHAHAHHHAHAAAHAHAA)

Fucking hell man. I thought Karyn was insane. . .

So now that your eyes have fallen out of your skull, here's your Friday links!
Today's theme is "Looking for Love". Do not ask how I find these. I mean, it's not like I'm trolling the singles ads or anything. . .

This is Charlie. Charlie posts the same ad (more or less) to craigslist every Friday evening. I wonder if things ever work out for him? I don't know whether you should laugh at Charlie, feel sorry for Charlie, or applaud his efforts, but I like the desperate/hopeful/self-effacing characteristics of his ads.

Still wandering around craigslist, I found this lovely number. The add says she's 32. I don't want to say she's a liar, maybe she just doesn't photograph well. And what the hell is that thing on her hand? Is that something people in Nashville do? (EasyE? Okashii? Answers please.) All I could think is she was getting her lip (and by lip I mean her beef curtain) pierced and she chickened out at the last minute, put her hand down there to block, and got stapled between the thumb and forefinger.

She's obviously waaay to cool for this crowd, so here's a profile for a nice boy who is a fashion design major (you can tell from the clothes, right?) and is NOT a homosexual. Riiight. Added bonus? His screenname is "Jenius"! Get it? (I can't resist. I gotta post Jenius' pic right here. . .)


And last but not least, here's Diane (this is a sorta SFW Windows media player file, turn up the sound)
I guess I can appreciate her acceptance of herself, but seriously. The catsuit?
(Oh yeah: 44 stone is ~615 pounds)
Edit: Something seems to be wrong with the link above - try this one: Diane 2

Sorry for all that. . .

Love to you all,

P.S. If you don't hear from me or DxB and suspect foul play, give this name to the police: Drew Sowersby


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