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Monday, March 28, 2005

"don't fuckiing trip out on this shit too much"

the great white whale : Ahab as RT-PCR : Sheila

I'm going to go nuts.

1. Did the experiment.
2. Got great results.
3. Did not believe results.
4. Wanted to "check" the software results.
5. Hand-calculated results
6. Got different numbers.
7. Sought guidance.
8. Got frustrated.
9. Went home.
10. Got guidance.
11. Believed software results.
12. Did not believe software results.
13. Changed data reduction method entirely, hand-calculated results.
14. Changed data reduction method entirely, again.
15. Returned to software results.
16. Changed data reduction slightly, still using software.
17. Believed the software results.
18. Questioned software results.
19. Printed software results.
20. RW found printout.
21. RW loved software results.
23. RW came up with all kinds of new ideas.
24. Believed software results.
25. Banned myself from Excel.

(See what I meant about Beckett?)


P.S. iing?


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