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Friday, March 11, 2005

Deus Meus! Securis in capite meo est.

So how do you like the new design? Pretty freakin' GREEN, isn't it? Yeah, I thought I'd spruce things up a bit for springtime. The black was getting a little oppressive.

The weather's finally cleared up here, and I have an impressive list of shit I hope to get done around the house this weekend. I'm going to try and install some porch railings to keep my flower-smashing dogs from getting in the flower beds. Then I have to get a pile of dirt and fill in all the Cookie and Annabelle-shaped pits, and replant the stuff they destroyed. An exercise in futility, you say? Pshaw! I think I'm going to try and pressure wash the landscape stones as well. They're supposed to be white but they're sort of - black. And fuzzy. Of course there's the requisite mowing and fire ant annihilation that will be a feature of every Sunday from here on until November. . . There's also a jungle on the side of my house that the previous owner called "landscaping". I have to cut all that shit back and away from the house. (Who plants shrubs that grow to 15 feet UNDERNEATH THE EAVES OF THE HOUSE???) The corner beds in the backyard need to be finished - that's a project from hell - one of my famous, "Ooh, won't it look pretty if I. . ." Check back Monday to see how much I get done.

I've got some fairly kickass links for you this week, so without further ado:


Okay, I snagged this entire thing from fleshbot, but it was sooo perfect that I couldn't resist! "Surely we’re not the only ones who’ve struggled over the intricacies of the Photoshop rubber stamp tool for hours to create realistic-looking fake nudes of our friends and loved ones, right? (If we are, don’t make us feel more perverted than we already do by reminding us of the fact.) Fortunately, we can now save ourselves hours of frustration and botched skin tones by taking advantage of this helpful service, which promises to create “photorealistic and believable” nude pictures for your personal enjoyment out of the fully clothed ones you send in."

Here's some generally freaky-assed shit:

Freaky Taxidermy
I want the Hello Kitty one
Is this me, or what?

And finally, I am completely and utterly addicted to this:
Quote most often uttered: "How did it KNOW that????" I love, love, love this site!!



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