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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ne id faciamus

Sporadic updating this week - work's been keeping me spinning.

We played show and tell yesterday for the unversity provost, so early in the week we were running around like a bunch of idiots trying to get the place all ship-shape. We had everyone here working (it was like an anthill!) and every (and I mean EVERY) instrument running. The electric din from all that equipment was so loud I almost had to yell as I took him on a tour of the lab. It was pretty damned silly, but we had to try and make a good impression. What was really funny was that the day before the visit we learned that he was a member of the congregation at Poopie's church (Baptist). This bit of information sent all of us in a tizzy, what with most of us being atheistic, jack-booted, liberal, thugs. We scrambled about, removing all our "good luck" charms, which include a glowing plastic virgin Mary, Hindu statuary, an action-figure Moses, Tibetan prayer flags and of course, my beloved Bobble Head Jesus. RW and I even discussed whether we should remove our Spongebob paraphernalia, given the recent scandal. . .

(By the way, I had no idea that there was a second "r" in paraphernalia. Whaddaya know?)

In other news, someone I know is thinking about getting a boob job. Now, this gal already has a sizeable rack and I've heard tell that they look pretty good when they're free and untethered. She's going to look like a goddamned sex doll (NSFW) by the time it's over. But, her shallow slug boyfriend told her he'd like it if she did it, and since he offered to help pay for it she's seriously considering it. I didn't know what to say when she told me, but all I could think of was this (NSFW). Too bad you can't get self-esteem implants as easily as you can get titties.



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