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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Unexpected Snails

Batman: What has yellow skin and writes?
Robin: A ballpoint banana!

"A geneticist is always disturbed." - Dr. David Neville

"Let's blow this sausage-fest and hit the international house of tail!" - Quagmire

"That was so terrible I think you gave me cancer!" - Calculon

"Help yourself to a fuckin' science book, 'cause you're talkin' like a fuckin' retard." - S.P. Redneck

"Who would want a bone when you could have candy? - Sean W.

"We used to flush and pray. Now we use Rid-X." - Unknown

"I must say that your laboratory exceeds the limits of man's wildest imagination!" - The Penguin

"If I could get hold of a gun, things would be a lot different around here." - Y.H.A.

"No! I want to live! There's still too many things I don't own!" - Bender


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