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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Last night I had a dream that was a combination of real life, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and Exodus.

The entire lab (including our illustrious office staff) was traveling to a conference through the desert in some kind of protean tour bus/motorhome/pickup. Soduc had not put any pillows and blankets or any other provisions in the bus, which enraged the whole crew, so we stopped and Cakes and DxB went off to wander the desert in search of blankets (Let my people sleep?) The rest of us tried to make do and get some rest.

Apparently I had drawn the short straw, because I had to sleep in the back of the bus with Hellboy and JoeToe. JT was wearing an apron (?!?), singing, dancing and fawning over Hellboy (kind of like every day in this place...), trying to make sure he was comfortable, all the while jockeying for the spot next to him on the blanketless mattress. The petting and mothering continued until finally Manic had had enough, and he raised his hand up and yelled, "BACK OFF, DUDE! I'M STRAIGHT, MOTHERFUCKER!!"

I actually woke myself up laughing. . .

Cakes is looking for a new car since hers was totalled in the accident. She told the local Honda dealer that she could get a new VP in San Antonio for $13, 550 and asked if they could beat that price. The person she spoke with said no, but she would ask her sales manager. Later, the sales manager left a message on her cell to call him back because he had a "couple of really good deals" for her. The deals? He could offer her the 2005 VP for $14,025 OR a used 2004 model for 13, 850. . .
I really think the median IQ of this town is hovering somewhere around 54. You'd think that it being a "college town" would help a little, but I think it just makes things worse.

Yesterday RW brought some woman in for an interview and asked me to take her around the lab. The fuck?? He just interviewed my friend, made her an offer, then retracted it last minute because of budget shortfalls. Then he tells me that he ended up hiring the serial killer dude part-time, and that was supposed to "help" me. But, Mister Shifty-eyes is only coming in Monday and Wednesday for 8 hours and maybe 4 hours on Friday. How in shit's name is that supposed to help me?? All that means is that anything he starts on Monday, I have to finish on Tuesday. Plus, I'd have to train his weasly ass! (He's the kind fo person who has one of those extrememly limp handshakes and never looks you in the eye - ever. No wonder Soduc thought he was "hot" - she likes 'em kind of gimpy. Reminds her of her son. . .)

Goddamn, these fuckers are pissing me off.

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