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Sunday, January 09, 2005


Whose idea was it to replace the damn toilet, anyway?

At least I found out what was making the old toilet rock and wobble. Apparently someone decided to glue the old one down with about a gallon of some sort of plasticky-concretey-putty type concoction. Unfortunately, they weren't too picky about getting it on the floor nice and level. So, the old toilet was sitting on this crooked mountain of putty-crap, and it wasn't even close to being flush against the slab. In order to install the new toilet, I had to chisel the funky putty off the slab, during which time, a very large chunk of said slab got chipped out. What's more, when I took Old Wobbly out, a large piece of lead-type material came out with it. I think it was part of the pipe, which is just wonderful.

To make things even peachier, the FUCKING electricity keeps going off... still. At one point I was holding the new toilet over the hole trying to get it in place, and poof! I was in the pitch black dark.

And just for the record, here is what is currently wrong with my $33,000 car that is not one year old yet: driver's side power window doesn't work, hatchback latch does not unlatch, the gas tank cover does not release, and the CD player laser went out. Thank you, Nissan. At least it still accelerates like a monster, that is until it runs out of gas, which I can't add, 'cause I can't open the tank...

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