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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

a life that's so sublime

Something is afoot here at FishWorld.

Rumor has it that someone made Spigot an offer which RW couldn't possibly beat. It's curious because he's been using loads of sick leave and vacation leave lately... hmmm. To add to it, Spigot has been having some trouble with the wife, and has been telling the GG's that he's about had it with the marriage. We were wondering what he would do if he split up with her. She's pretty much the breadwinner as far as I can tell, and I'm pretty damn sure he would never have gotten this job without her being who she is. Personally, I wouldn't be sad to see him go. It's not like he's really doing anything around here (see Rules of Conduct #6). And that marriage? Shit, it was doomed from the first day he walked (or rather, cop-strutted) into her classroom.

It's also been going around that NRA may be heading down the "short-termer" tunnel. This worries me, as I'll have to pick up the slack if she does venture away from us. I hear that her hub-sand got a big raise, either from his current job, or maybe he has a new job - not clear. I've been trying to find out what her potential plans are, but I don't have a good mole. She won't say anything to me, because I'm sure she thinks I'll run right to RW (I won't.) Poopie doesn't know, or at least isn't saying, and Cakes is too affiliated with me and RW to get any info. I think I may be able to get the scoop from Spigot, at least, if he ever comes back to work!

We all know TheBride is planning her exit. RW is looking for someone to replace her already. I say good riddance! She used to care about the work, but lately, she couldn't give two-shits about anything.

On the upside, we're still riding the bloated whale we call the federal budget. (Thank god for republicans????) Looks like we're getting another 1.8 million next year. Now we just need to find a way to spend what we got last year. (And yet we quibble over a measly $42,000 instrument? More on that another day...)


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