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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

in the shrine of the sea monkey

completely lame work rants:

Radiation and it's aftermath.

Poopie spilled source (32P) in the hot room and didn't bother to tell anyone about it. Hellboy found out kind of by accident - he walked into the hot room with the Geiger counter and it went off like a sonofabitch. Hellboy and NRA were checking things because we had an inspection the next day. Poopie was there, but he quickly disappeared, leaving Hellboy and NRA to clean up the mess. (They got it all squared away, and nothing's hot now and we passed the inspection with no problems.)

Poopie also left several unlabeled beakers of unpolymerized acrylamide in my hood. Three of them were spilled in there, along with various powders, crystals and other unknown solutions. He spilled some mystery solution all over the vacuum pump, and he smeared cello seal all over fucking EVERYTHING. (I don't even want to think about it...)

What happened to Poopie, you ask? A quote: "I ALREADY GOT ON YOUR ASS ABOUT THIS SHIT! YOU NEED TO CLEAN THIS SHIT UP IMMEDIATELY OR FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO GO!!!" Yeah, so he cleaned it all up, then didn't make another mess for about three weeks. Of course, it's hard to make a mess when you don't even show up...

Then, the next thing you know... this weekend, I saw that the SpeedVac was on when I went in on Saturday. I didn't think much of it. On Sunday afternoon, the thing was still running. I didn't know what was in there, but I had a feeling Poopie was involved. I went and got the Geiger counter, and sure as shit - he was spinning down hot samples in there! No shield, no note, no nothing! What a fuckup. Of course, it's not that dangerous, but still! The chump just got his ass torched by RW and he comes back and starts pulling the same goddamn crap.

As a result of all this, the drones in the stock center have stopped feeding the fish in the transgenic room. They heard about the spill in the hot lab, so they stopped coming into the main lab altogether. Of course, they didn't bother to tell any of us that they stopped caring for those fish... I only heard about it because one of them asked me (in the bathroom) if I was afraid that I'd be contaminated. WTF? JesusChristMonkeyBalls, I hit the roof when she told me that no one had been in there. God damn. I explained to her that it was all clean, told her it was just 32P and it had a short half-life, etc., etc. But I might as well have told the fucking toilet, it would have done the same amount of good. They act like friggin' FatMan and LittleBoy got dropped in there. Shit.

Now the transgenic fish are all fucked up. Great. The project was already sucking ass and now we have to tell our collaborators that we screwed up two years of work...

On top of that crap, Dim and TheBride were supposed to do dissections for us Monday morning, but they "took the morning off". God DAMN! We'd had a big lab meeting with RW about this whole thing the previous week. This was to be a major undertaking and everyone had their part to do. We were SUPPOSED to be a well-oiled machine... They finally showed fucking up, and bitched and moaned about being "exposed to chemicals". I was having them dissect the tissues directly into phenol (which, by the way was frozen) and they were very upset about that. They were wearing masks and eventually moved the dissections into the fume hoods because the "smell was making them sick and nauseated." Granted, phenol isn't a walk in the park, and you sure shouldn't wallow in it, but jebus! Nauseated? Please. If I EVER see one of them with a bottle of Cloraseptic, it's ON!! These are the same people that make buckets of MNU (N-methyl-N-nitroso urea) and the last time I checked, MNU is a hell of a lot more dangerous than phenol!!

But you know, TheBride just wants to protect her precious eggs, because spawning is apparently her life's goal. And Dim being concerned about chemicals is a MOTHERFUCKING JOKE!! She's a freaking ex-CRACK HEAD!!!

Ya gotta have just the right amount of fear (more accurately, respect) for the chemicals you are using - Dim and TheBride are overwhelmed with unwarranted fear, while Poopie is so apathetic that he doesn't care if he exposes himself or anyone else. It's a fucked up combination.

Guess what folks, science can be dangerous.
But, if you use your FUCKING BRAIN (ooh, I know, that assumes that everyone has one...) you don't have to get hurt or hurt others.


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