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Monday, November 08, 2004

One fine day in my odd past

It was old home week at the grocery store this weekend. I ran into my first grade principal and his wife, my senior-year English teacher. It was oddly reassuring to see the two of them after all these years. He's the one who bumped me into the second grade classes after I'd been in first grade for only a month. She's the one who gave me my first (and only) "C" in English. (Oh man, I was distraught about that. Thought my life was over!)

After catching up with them, I ran into another person that I knew from back in the day. I say "knew", but I never really knew him, but I talked to him quite often. He was (is) one of those people who just talks to anyone and everyone - one of the San Martians. We used to always cross paths at Blockbuster back in my grad school days (GradSchool Ver1.0) We'd talk about foreign and independent films and how much Blockbuster sucked. He actually remembered me, which I thought was remarkable. (He's easy to remember, he's got a very distinctive look...) We talked about movies, of course, and blah blah. Nice guy.

Seeing "Movie Guy" got me to thinking about the other San Martians I've encountered over these many, many years...
Haven't seen Angry Chair Vet for a damn long time - and I'm kind of glad.
Dan, of course, is always around. His house burned down, and he's driving a Porsche.
Frisbee Guy is always there - and those shorts are always too damn small.
The Ash Family is still singing away - Em (Julian C) is in Chicago, right on.
Showdown - man, that guy can't possibly still be alive... can he???
KB and the Illuminati Gang are out of sight. Underground, I suppose, counterfeiting auto registrations and e-pubbing their conspiracy 'zine.
Meanwhile, Big Bird is still in the courthouse annex.
And Cricket, the proverbial favorite... he was still here in GradSchool Ver2.0, but I haven't seen him around lately. He lost some of his mystique when he stopped being the green guy. Maybe he just let himself be absorbed into the main? I wonder what ever happened to the kitten?


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