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Thursday, December 09, 2004

To-morrow, when I wake, or think I do, what shall I say of to-day?

--Last night I tried to go to bed a little early since I had to drop the car off at the dealership early in the morning, drive to Austin for a doctor's appointment, then get back to the lab. You know what they say about the best laid plans...

--So what happened? Well, to start with, the electricity completely shit the bed last night. Half the house was going out, like before, but in addition, the stove would only heat up if you banged on it for a while, and the water heater quit working. (No showers for you!) We figured out that the lights would only come back on if you turned on a major appliance like the dryer, the furnace, or the stove. What the HELL?? So, DxB checked the breakers and found that they were corroded to shit, so he replaced them all this morning and went to work thinking he'd fixed the problem. Of course, when we got home half the house was out, as usual. DxB had several small strokes at this point, and I just started laughing.

--To make matters worse, the front tire treads on the Z were undulating like a drunken hula-girl, so I had to take it in for new tires and an alignment. They had to order the tires and said it would be two weeks before they came in. TWO WEEKS? I asked if it was okay to drive on those crappy tires until then, and the Nissan guy said, "Yeah, just don't drive too fast!" Sure buddy, it's a friggin' 350Z...

--Work isn't any better either. Yet another service engineer (number three!) came out and "fixed" the real-time on Tuesday. He replaced the laser, which is what Engineer #2 said was wrong with the instrument. Everything worked great, so I thanked him and he left. Lo and behold, on Wednesday morning, I couldn't get the instrument to communicate with the computer. I called Engineer #3 back, and he said that it sounded like it wasn't the laser that was bad, but maybe the power supply was the problem. Turns out he couldn't check to see if the old laser was bad, because Engineer #2 took it with him after the initial service call, and now no one knows where the original is. I would think that there would be a way to test whether it's the laser (a $6000 part, mind you) is bad, or if the power supply is bad, or if both are bad. Unfortunately, I don't think Engineer #2 bothered to check any of those things. Engineer #2 is the one who called and told me the laser was dead without ever having looked at the instrument. He's also the one who started installing the new laser while insisting that our maintenance agreement covered the repair (it didn't.) He's also the one who Okashii described as "maybe the worst engineer in the company". Joy, Joy, Joy!

--And it doesn't end! The "auto-grabber" on the garbage truck got a little aggressive and busted our garbage can this afternoon. Now the lid just sort of hangs by one little plastic hinge. Super.

--But wait! I'm still not done! I was eating a piece of bread earlier, and I managed to chip my front tooth! WTF? I'm the only person in the world who could chip a tooth on bread!!

ARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!! What's next? Airplane engine through the skylight? Exploding toilets? Rabies? Bleeding walls? I'm fully expecting the house to spin around and crumble into itself in a flash of light, Poltergeist-style.


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