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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

damn republicans!

The power went off three times last night. You wouldn't think that would wake you up, but it did for some strange reason. It was especially weird because only about half the house was down; the master bedroom, master bath, hallway, kitchen and garage. Everything else was working fine. I don't know if it's my house or the electric company... If the shit burns down with me in it, make sure you guys sue the hell out of somebody!

In the midst of all that, I had some crazy-shit dream going on.

I think a little background may help with the inevitable dream interpretation. Before bed I had been talking to The Ascetic about a friend's new baby. The Ascetic is still suffering from "baby fever", so the new addition to the extended family was bittersweet. (Of course, I can't even fathom why he'd want a baby, but that's irrelevant here.) So, after trying unsuccessfully to convince The Ascetic (in the nicest way possible) that he's not exactly "father material" I went to bed.

The dream started with Okashii arriving at my door looking very distressed and carrying a gym bag. As I let him in he said, "I need help!" and he opened the gym bag, revealing a newborn baby sleeping inside. At first I thought the baby was dead, but when I picked it up, it started crying. Okashii was asking me what to do with it, and I kept saying "How the hell should I know?" I asked him whose it was, and he said it was his, but he didn't know who the mother was. I kept asking, and he kept insisting that he knew who gave birth to the baby, but didn't know who the mother was. I was getting very confused, and the baby was crying a'plenty so I told him he needed to feed him (it was a boy). We got into an argument about what kind of formula to buy (ever the anti-dairyite, I was insisting on soy.) and told him we would ask The Ascetic, because he would know what to do. So, we got in the Z and drove to The Ascetic's house. (I have no idea where we put the baby in the Z, and apparently it only took a few seconds to drive to Boston.) We get there, and TA is thrilled about this baby and wants to keep it for himself. All of a sudden, Okashii decides that he too wants the baby, and they fight about it. It's about to come to blows, they were calling each other all manner of names, and I decided to bolt. I jump in the car and start driving off. Then it hits me that it is absolutely imperative that we teach this infant how to play drums. I drive back, get a drumset out of my car (It's the clown-car Z!) and tell TA and Okashii my plan. They agree, and we sit the baby on the throne and start teaching him rudiments. Then TA decides that drums are all wrong, and the boy needs to learn piano. Okashii pulls out a microscopic violin... it gets a little cloudy here - but they were pulling out all kinds of musical instruments. . . That's about the time the power went off and I woke up. (There's other little freaky details and additional shit that was too hard to write about.)

Yeah I know, "that's fucked up..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a-ha-ha. was it a pork-pie set?


6:03 PM  

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