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Monday, January 10, 2005

Punish your self-indulgence

Remember how I said the car window wasn't working? Well, today at work, the entry gates were down, so we had to use our entry cards to get on campus. Of course, since the window doesn't roll down, this was a bit difficult. We tried pulling the car up and opening the door, but the front end of the car was too long, and we couldn't reach the card reader without crashing into the gate. So, I had to get out of the car, run 'round and stick the card in the reader to get the gate to raise.

No problem, right? Yeah...

The gate went up just fine, then CRASH!!! It fell down on the car with a vengeance. The gate's only made of PVC, but seriously... it whacked the ol' Z pretty damn good. Luckily, it slammed into the windshield, but I'm pretty sure it would've dented the roof had it hit it.

(And yes, I'm taking the car in tomorrow to get all this shit fixed.)



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