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Monday, January 10, 2005

And which team would that be?

Man-love was strong in the lab today...

Joe-Toe was in a dead panic today because he thought Hellboy had left the lab. The man-crush is reaching epic proportions and Joey's hero worship is growing by the minute. This is great fun - even RW and Missy are in on this one, and are tickled to shit by all this! (RW calls Joe-Toe Hellboy's groupie.)

Some quotes from Joe-Toe:

"Man, I love that guy!"
"Thank god he didn't leave, I love that guy!"
"Hellboy is just... great!"
"I'm glad you moved to that bench, 'cause now we're closer!"
"You are the ULTIMATE!"
"You are such a total genius!"
"I would choose you first for my team."

(How many men do you know who would make a public proclamation of their love for another guy, especially if alcohol was not involved??)

I have to work with the two of them tomorrow, and that would normally be a damn terrifying experience. But, the sheer entertainment value of observing Joe-Toe's fawning over Hellboy will make it all worthwhile!



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