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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dance, Spanish!

JoeToe went over to Manic's house this weekend. He couldn't tell me exactly why he went over there - he was pretty evasive - but that's not important. The point is that JoeToe met Spanish, Manic's girlfriend.

Everyone knows that Manic's life is Entropy Incarnate, and it seems this woman just adds to the chaos and confusion. She's about 40, big hair, lots of makeup, a hardened face, nice figure - you know the type. Manic told us she was a part time bartender at Coyote Ugly, a part time artist's model/assistant, a part time salesperson who could sell anything, and was trying to get a job in public relations. We had developed a sort of mental picture of who and what she was - needless to say, it wasn't all that attractive. But, based on what JoeToe experienced this weekend, we hadn't even begun to scratch the surface!

JoeToe knocks on the door and Spanish answers, wearing a shorty-short skirt and a very cleavage-revealing top. (JT said, "Thank god she was really short, so I just stared at the top of her head.) I don't know how much they'd had to drink before JT got there, but he said she was about 65 sheets to the wind. I guess at some point she got up on the table and was dancing, hoochie-mama style. JoeToe noticed she was not wearing underwear when she gave him a big-ol' coochie-flash, right in front of her boyfriend.

Later on, Manic passed out or went to sleep or something, and Spanish was telling JT all kinds of crazy crap. He said she was a roller coaster of emotions, sad, angry, happy, belligerent - all rolled up into a nice little panty-less package. She told JT how he had saved Manic's life, and how Manic was so happy that he had someone to teach now. (WTF?) She told him how she was sooo sick, and how she had exhausted her lifetime use of antibiotics. (viva la herpes, mi amigas?) She said she was taking colloidal silver to rid her body of toxins, then got really aggressive and said, "You biochemist! You probably don't even know what colloidal silver is!" (mmm-kay) She told him how she hated Manic because he didn't make her come, then in the next breath talked about how fantastic their sex life was. (GAH!) She tried to call some guy to get him to come over, telling JT that the dude was "her savior" and he had saved her life. (a theme with her, I guess) She started yelling, "Where's the COKE?" while on the phone with her 'savior', and then dropped the receiver on the floor while the dude was talking to her. The she said that Manic was so passed out that she and JT could go into the bedroom together and do anything and Manic would never even know...

It was that point that JT decided it was a good time to go on home.

Will this effect JoeToe's man-crush on Manic? Only time will tell...


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