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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Third time's the charm??

Cakes has been dating ManFriend for about six months. He’s one of the shallowest people I’ve ever encountered, completely obsessed with appearances and “image”. I’m not sure what attracted him to Cakes, he’s usually one who goes for the vacuum-headed dimbo type who “just wants to be the little woman at home.”

On New Year’s Eve, Cakes and ManFriend got into a fight which ended with him leaving her more or less stranded in downtown Austin. (He told her she broke “…one of the cardinal rules” but wouldn’t tell her what “rule” that was.) A few days later, ManFriend took her to lunch so they could “talk”. He broke down into sobs at the sandwich shop, promised he’d “do better” and that he would change. Of course, she’s a sucker, so she took him back. Everything was peachy for oh, about a day, then the rapid downward spiral started again.

Last Wednesday, he left a message asking her if he could come over Thursday morning. See, he was leaving town for the weekend that afternoon, and he basically wanted a quickie before he left. She called him back and told him that she didn’t like the idea of being a booty call, and she was a little uncomfortable with that. He got really pissed and said, “Well, I wouldn’t think a booty call would be a problem, given your history.” Goddamn!! This is the guy who told Cakes that he slept with 250 different women! (Cakes isn’t an angel, but she’s a far cry from slutty, especially compared to ManFriend!) She was livid. He acted like he’d said nothing wrong at all, and told her she needed to be “less emotional.” So Tuesday night, Cakes went to ManFriend’s apartment and broke it off. She let him have it, told him everything he’d done wrong, how he treated her like a dumb bimbo, how he tried to cram her into a mold of what he thought his ideal woman would be… you get the picture. He ended up throwing her keys at her, and telling her he hated her. She got in her car and started home… She was about ten minutes away from ManFriend’s place when the person two cars in front of her slammed on the brakes while getting on the highway. This caused her to rear-end the middle car and push it into the first car. Her airbag went off, but she wasn’t hurt badly (neither were any of the other people involved.) In the fray, she called ManFriend (who is a paramedic) and he drove up and helped her. She was pretty banged up by the airbag, and her nerves were completely shot, so she was throwing up constantly. ManFriend took her home and took care of her, then drove her all over creation the next day to get all the towing/insurance/rental car shit done. He told her “That wreck was a sign that we should be together.” She said it was like everything that happened that night, the whole break up and all, was totally erased in his mind. He's being nice now, but past experience says he will drift right back into his shitty ways as soon as her bruises heal.

GAAAHHHHHHH!!! Cakes has the worst luck in the world.


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