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Monday, January 31, 2005

Oh god, you just reminded me of that nightmare.

Wow. I've had way too much coffee today...

You know what I hate? The phrase "Hotlanta". I talked to someone last night and they actually said, "I was lucky to get out of Hotlanta before that big snowstorm hit." Maybe they were trying to be ironic, but it just sounded stupid. Do people who live there actually call it that, or is it one of those jackassy-touristy-catchphrases like "San Antone"?

Speaking of jackassy catchphrases... JoeToe just said, "I am so done with him." (Arrgh!) The him refers to Poopie, who had asked JT why he looked depressed today. Apparently this really rubbed JT the wrong way?? (I'm telling you... he's a woman.)

And of course, you need the daily Soduc report: She's on a coffee rampage again. Last week she jumped all over DxB about making a full pot of coffee and accused him of "wasting coffee". (Guess what bitch... DxB bought the coffee in the first place.) As an experiment I went in and made a full pot, and she didn't say a damn word to me...

Limpy (formerly known as "the serial killer guy") came by this morning and Soduc was disgustingly flirtatious as usual - "Oh, it's always such a joy to see you!" and "All kinds of good things are happening to me today!" and "Well don't you look wonderful today!" Truly, it was a retch-inducing experience. I'm going to need cyanide pills once he officially starts working here.



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