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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Nothin' beats a free lunch?

I saw the weirdest thing today. I was shopping at this upscale grocery store when I saw this old woman at the meat counter. I only noticed her because she was getting some really expensive cuts of meat. (One of her packages was $27 - I've no idea what was in there.) Okay, no big deal, the old bag likes expensive meat. But... I ended up behind her in a deserted aisle, and I saw that she was stuffing all the packages of meat into her Louis Vuitton handbag! Holy hell! This woman must have been closing in on 70, and was dressed to the nines, a real society-looking type. I didn't know what to do - I made eye contact with her, and she looked totally startled (No. Shit.) but I didn't say anything. Maybe I should have?? Crazy shit.

I'm procrastinating again... I have to go in to the lab tonight, but I really don't want to. At least I don't have to put up with Soduc's shit when I'm there on the weekends. Last week, she pissed me off so bad that I just completely abandoned my office - I can't stand being in there with her and her shit. Hellboy and JoeToe were in there with me, telling me how Poopie had left the radiation lab a mess, again. RW asked what was up and Hellboy said, "[Poopie] messed up the lab again, it's really causing problems for us because we are trying to get our experiments done, but we have to stop and clean up his messes." Hellboy and JoeToe then walked out of the office, and Soduc turned to RW and said, "Well, you know if there's a problem back there, it's going to start with those two." WHAT IN FUCK'S NAME??? Jesus Bitchass Christ - Hellboy and JT just spent an hour cleaning up a fucking radiation spill that was caused by someone else, and Soduc thinks THEY are the problem? Whatta bitch!

The serial killer they hired part time was in there Friday talking to Soduc, and she was just as giggly as a schoolgirl... a horrendous scene, man. Apparently he's from her hometown, and he went to the same high school as she did. (Obviously he went much, much later than she.) Anyway, she was FASCINATED by this, and thought it was just wonderful that we had a Canyon High graduate working for us. Again, What the FUCK??? I went there, DxB went there, JoeToe went there... Whatever. Small-town shit, I guess.

(So I was thinking of setting up a "fuck" count for this thing. It's like Deadwood around here when I start in about work.)

I'm still confused by the hiring of the serial killer (I'll give him a better nickname soon...) All the sudden we have funding for him? DxB, always one to sniff out a conspiracy, thinks Soduc is fucking around with the books, trying to convince RW that we don't have the funds to hire Hellboy full-time. There is some evidence to support DxB's hypothesis: We had the money for the new hires, then suddenly it vanishes as RW suggests hiring Manic. And Soduc wrote the job description in such a way that Hellboy's application would be automatically rejected by the system. Of course, no one except Soduc knows for sure what's going on.

Onto other subjects... (there are other subjects, believe it or not.)
Something weird is up with another friend of mine. I've sent four emails, and left at least one voice message, but the person has not responded to me at all. It's strange, because we usually talk at least once a week. Even stranger, one of the email messages was "professional" - ie work-related, and I got nothing. Now, I was having some fucked-upness with my email last week, so I'm thinking that some of my messages went to hell instead of to inboxes. Or maybe I'm just such a raging bitch that no one wants to talk to me. (Very likely, indeed!!)

Okay, your humble author's got to go to work.



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