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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Cuidado! Vomito de gato.

The autoclave just converted 50 fine, strapping, young centrifuge tubes into an oozing puddle of liquid polypropylene. What a fine way to start the day!

DxB was a victim of drive-by manipulation last night and the perpetrator was his (evil) grandmother.

     Some background: A few years ago, DxB went up to visit his mother and grandmother at their request. Both these women are the worst kind of ultra-right wing conservatives. They are the compliant sheep who listen obediently to FOX "news" and worship every word that falls out of Dubya's monkey lips. (They are especially drawn to the good ol' boy gramatically inept ones.)
     They have an opinion on absolutely everything, and if you and your ideas don't fit the mold you are pretty much useless in their eyes. They consider themselves God-fearing Christians (now that it's fashionable to be such) who harbor unbelievable hatred toward the poor and people they view as "foreigners", and are absolutely without question TERRIFIED of homosexuals.
     They are both out of their small, closed minds, and as soon as he stepped off the plane the insanity began. The first thing his grandmother said to him was, "You don't look like a scientist." I'm not exactly sure what a scientist is supposed to look like, but oh... that was just the tip of the iceberg!
     They accused him of being gay because he has not gotten married nor had any children. (A cardinal sin in their eyes?) This of course, after they told him how "...foreigners are ruining this country" and how "...the mixing of races is going to bring about the downfall of our nation." (Oh, did I mention they were white supremacists??) So I suppose in order to fulfill their marriage and kids dream, first he'd have to ditch me and find some lovely white girl? (Me being the murderous, traitorous, unpatriotic half-jap scum that I am...)
     Then the grandmother took to calling him "Quitter" as a nickname, because he had decided to forego pursuing his PhD to take a job in my lab. (A job which pays him four times what he was making as a student, and has resulted in five publications in one year...)
     Somehow, he escaped without comitting matricide, and has had very minimal contact with them since. He did send Christmas gifts and cards and he called them both during the holidays. They sent him birthday cards in mid-January, but he was reluctant to open them. Finally he relented last night... The card from his mother was normal, but the one from his grandmother had a handwritten note which said:

Dear [DxB],

I hope you have a good birthday.
I am not sure why you no longer want to have any contact with me, I can't imagine what I have done to you. Apparently I have offended you in some way which I don't understand.


Is she on CRACK? God. Damn. She only wrote that to make him feel bad so he would jump up and call her, offering profuse ass-licking apologies. And for what?? He did nothing to her - she's the one with all the crazy freakin' ideas.

So, even though it shouldn't, this bothered him and he was up all night brooding about it.

I try not to hate people, but I swear, this woman...



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