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Saturday, February 05, 2005

How to be an asshole

Well, Shithead refused to sign off on DocD's dissertation. Didn't we all see this coming? Funny how the other five committee members signed it without any problem.

We were all waiting for them to finish the defense and Shithead's wife was saying "Oh, it will be a wonderful opportunity for [DocD] to work in Dr. X's lab. But she's in for quite a shock - a post doc is a different world. So much pressure. Oh, I think she can handle it, but she really has no idea." How in fuck's name would she know? That fucking bimbo's post-doc PI was Shithead - her fucking HUSBAND!! Oh man, she tells everyone what a great "scientist" she is, but really - how serious are people going to be about you if your entire professional experience is being your husband's technician?? She actually told me yesterday that RW (my boss) was "very impressed by her research" while she was at SWT. Funny, when I mentioned her name to RW, he said, "Oh shit... that dumb blonde?" (I'm sure he's just jealous of her shining accomplishments.)

So they had a little reception for her after the defense, and I could tell something was wrong. Shithead acted like everything was fantastic, but the tension between him and DocD was palpable. She told me about the signature thing as the party was breaking up. She hadn't told her husband or her Dad yet - those two guys hate Shithead so much, they may have just killed him on the spot had they known. God, what a piece of crap.

I did finally get to meet DocD's family though. Her little chola sister was there - I've met her before. She's fun, but totally different from DocD though. Her mom was great - the kind of woman who's always smiling and laughing - she puts you in a good mood no matter what. Her Dad cracked me up - he looks like an old hippie (he makes yurts!) but I know he's really conservative... an enigma!!


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