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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bass Taping for All!

"LIBRA: You've got a lot on your mind now, there's no doubt about that -- but there's more coming, so you'd better clear your plate and make room. Someone extremely different will be along shortly, apparently sent by the universe to wrench you out of anything in your life that even remotely resembles a rut. You, of course, are the very soul of sociability, so you won't mind at all. Your partner, now -- well, they may feel a bit differently about the subject. Be prudent. And patient. "

Soul of sociability?

New Words:

Bozone1: the substance surrounding stupid people that keeps bright ideas from penetrating.

Reintarnation1: rebirth of a soul into a hillbilly body.

Republicon: any member of the current presidential cabinet.

Rontanomo2: the lab I work in.

Shamburger: veggie burger.

Spigot: a Hispanic bigot.

Stupoma: a tumor arising from, or causing stupidity.

1thanks Daniel and Stephen:
2thanks Doug

Yesterday JoeToe spent a good twenty minutes telling me how hot some chem grad student chick was. Maybe I was reading more into it, but I just got the feeling that he was overdoing it - as if he wanted to make sure that I had absolutely no doubt as to whether or not he liked girls. For the record, the girl is okay but definitely not hot, and she's kind of bitchy to boot. In fact, I thought she was a lesbian. Go figure.



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