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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

They're coming to LIFE!!!

Cakes was telling me that her ManFriend went down to Galveston and was complaining that there were no seagulls. (I don't know why you'd complain about that - irritiating buggers, they are.) He told her that they'd flown south for winter(?), but it was okay because the city (he guessed) had erected kinetic statues of seagulls along the seawall. He said he could see them from his hotel window, and they looked just like real birds, except that they were walking along the wall instead of flying 'round. She asked him if he was sure those were statues and not real birds, and his condescending reply was, "Of course they're statues. Why would seagulls walk when they can fly?" (That reminds me of the time Sean, age 6, was giving his dog a milk bone and said, "Why would anybody want a bone when they could have candy??") Anyway, do I even need to tell you what happened when one of the "statues" flew off the seawall?

And do note that this is the same guy who was "really ready" for his (community college) genetics test, and who had "figured out all the genetics stuff" but was "still not sure what the difference between a prokaryote and a eukaryote was."


DxB killed his hard drive Saturday night. Well, he didn't kill it - I think it killed itself. He lost everything. All his data, papers, presentations - everything. He was lucky that RW had a copy of his presentation for today's progress report meeting with our major funding institution. I can't believe he never made a backup file of anything. . . Oh well, at least he realizes that birds can and occasionally do walk.

That is not to say that I never do anything stupid (shut up, all of you.)



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