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Friday, February 25, 2005

Important safety advisory

I was sitting here yesterday afternoon trying to figure out if Okashii looks like Steve Burns when JoeToe came up and started looking over my shoulder at my computer screen. He looked at Okashii's pic and said, "Oh, he's a good scientist - I can tell - he just looks like one." I gave him a look (not unlike the one I have up there in the collage) and asked what the hell he was talking about. "Just look at his clothes - I mean, that is a scientist." Uh, kayyyy. . . Then I totally fried his circuitry by telling him that Okashii's degree was English. (You could actually see the moment that all the neurons stopped firing) - poor JoeToe, so easily confused. Anyway, after asking me 10.5 billion questions about how an English major could possibly ever work in a research lab we continued to look at the pics on my computer. I pulled up one of Esther and some guy and JT said, "Ooh! Did he work in here too?" (Note that he said "HE". . . honestly, when you looked at that pic did you even notice there was a guy in the shot??) Then I opened a pic of MrWrong and he said, "Who is that cutie pie?" GODDAMN! Again, I ask - is that something a straight guy would say??

While all this was going on, he was trying to make a pot of espresso for Hellboy, who was taking an exam. JT said, "I'm going to have something special for him when he gets done with his test." (I was astonished that my brain did not explode right then and there!) I finally asked him why he was so enamored of Hellboy. His reply was not unlike a 10 year old girl's reply when asked about her teen idol crush: "He's so cool, and his mind is just awesome. I just love that guy!"

Later on, we were sitting around talking about our trip to some conference, and Hellboy was jokingly asking why some people got their own rooms and some didn't - "I want my own room too, goddammit!" JT said, "Oh no buddy - you get to sleep with me!"
Dead fucking silence.

Disclaimer (a'la "not that there's anything wrong with that"): Gay or not gay - I don't really give a shit, all I'm saying is that his behavior is flat-out fucking hilarious.

So anyway. . .
Poopie brought a girl - an actual real girl - to the lab yesterday and was showing her around. Hmmm. Does this mean he's coming out of his asexual shell? If she is a potential gf, I can already see that his family isn't going to like her. Why? Well, she's brown. Hispanic, most likely. Poopie tried bringing a Hispanic girl home once before and his god-fearing, compassionate-Christian-republican family told him that he would have to break up with her because he was not allowed to date people of other races. Nice, huh?

And without further ado, your Friday links:

How did I find this?? And why??

This thing has been traveling 'round the internets a lot lately. They say that the letters are emailed out once the rapture comes, and the emailing is controlled by a "dead man switch"- ie if it's not reset, the emails go out. Okay, say the guy in charge gets a hellacious case of the runs - and he can't reset the switch. Everyone on the list will be getting ready for the revelation when all that happened was that the switchman was on the shitter. Sounds like a case for the six P's.

I just don't know, man.

Sorry, those are pretty lame, but that's all I've got today - not much time for surfin' this week.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Anonymous LEP said...

Fantastic! E's giving Dawn the eye, and I look like I just licked Doug's face.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

holy fuck, is that a garden gnome?

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Eric said...

He doesn't look like he enjoyed the lick - maybe you need a breath mint?

Hey where's a pic of Joe Toe? I want to see who thinks I'm a "cutie pie".

10:24 PM  
Anonymous secaibo said...

That's my gnome, but every morning i find him across the street in my neighbors japanese garden

10:43 PM  
Anonymous ELKim said...


I keep finding him under my bed...

9:38 AM  
Blogger your humble author said...

Watch out! Eric's lookin' for love.
Imagine pechomonstruo as a man, and you've got a pic of JT.

(Oh yah, Laura, please remember that cash prevents photoshops.)

10:27 AM  

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