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Monday, February 28, 2005

A decorating faux pas

Aww man, I realized that I never took the plastic wrapper off my lampshade in the guest bedroom... whatta tool!

It must've been from the years of my Mom telling me to "leave the plastic on so it will stay clean!" I guess that was the thing to do back in the 50's when plastic was a newfangled, high-tech thing, but seriously. . .

My parents had these horrible table lamps - God, I wish I had a picture of them. They were really tall with huge green glass ball bases, and the "stem" (I don't know much about lamp lingo - I mean the part that went up from the base that you screwed the bulb in) was a semi-baroque design fabricated in an antique gold plasticky material. Anyway, we had these things for I don't know, 15 years before I forced my mom to remove their protective wrappers. It's not like taking the plastic off helped them any - the best application of plastic in the case of those lamps would have been to wrap them in black trash bags and cart them to the dump. Now there's a protective plastic wrapper I'd support!

Of course, my parents were the "cover the sofa with plastic to keep it nice" types as well. Here's a pic of one such sofa. See how NICE it is? Wouldn't you want to protect that fantastic print so that future generations could enjoy it as much as you?? (Ignore the hideous prom dress - c'mon, it was 1984 - but note the PLASTIC COVERED LAMPSHADE!) As you can see, that poor couch is unprotected in the pic, as the dog made short work of the shipping plastic that my parents left on it.

I don't remember what happened to that couch - I went off to college and they tried to give it to me for my new apartment. Terrified, my roommate and I scrounged up 50 bucks in nickels and pennies for a used love seat (light brown withOUT gigantic orange flowers). The green globe lamps however - those were there until the very end. I don't know who ended up with them after the Heatershit diaspora, but God Bless them, whoever they are!



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