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Friday, March 04, 2005

Ma and Pa

A short quiz:


This man is:

A. From West Virginia
B. Sheila's Dad
C. Completely out of his mind
D. All of the above

(See why I didn't bring people over to the house much?)

More pics of Russ, Betty and Y.H.A.

dadbw click to enlarge
My parent's first house.

This is my favorite pic of my mom.

skinnydad click to enlarge
Skinny dad. Note beer can on hood.

memom click to enlarge

bigface click to enlarge
Eek! I thought I got braces to fix those teeth! And has anyone ever noticed how ginormous my mouth is?

I don't look much like either of my parents, do I?

Friday links are on sabbatical, but will return next week.
Speaking of West Virginia. . . Teacher Accused of Sex Abuse
Priceless FARK reactions here. (thx jeff k.)



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