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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Green Day?

My parent's house was classic 1975, from the avocado appliances to the knotty pine paneling (note the velvet painting above me.) And everything inside it was green - all shades of green. Avocado, forest, kelly, baby shit, even green plaid - you name it, we had your green. But it didn't stop at the inside - the outside was green as well. We had a vast expanse of bright green St. Augustine as a lawn, and no flowers were allowed, only green shrubbery (yeah, my dad was kind of a crackpot.) We even had a goddamned green car. The house itself was of course green - it started as this kind of army color, then my Dad went temporarily(ha!) insane and painted it a color that we came to call "Goddamn Green!", exclamation point always included.

The pinnacle of green-anity came when I came home from high school one day to find that the new roof the 'rents just had installed was... you guessed it! GREEN! Being sixteen and quite full of parental loathing, I informed them that they had embarrased me so badly that there was no hope of recovering our relationship. I wouldn't even let my friends come over during the daytime for fear that they'd see the horror my parents had inflicted on me.

So uh, guess what color the roof of my current house is? Yeah, Karma's a bitch.



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