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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Promote genetic diversity

Brief rants.

NO ONE needs to do 60 mph in a residential neighborhood, no matter what kind of car you drive.

I don't care how many children you have, I don't care how old they are, I don't care what sex they are, I don't care who takes care of them while you are at the grocery store, I don't care if they hate hearing their middle names, I don't care if they charm their Daddy but Mom doesn't fall for it, I don't care what kind of cereal they love, I don't care how much milk they drink. Understand? (Oh yeah, the cashier doesn't care either.)

You walked in to Bath and Body Works and exclaimed in a voice so loud it startled me and several other customers, "Oh, it smells GOOD in here." NO. SHIT. It's Bath and Body Works, dumbass.

Then you used the same voice to tell the saleslady that your 11-year old daughter "Sweats like a pig, so she needs something to help with the odor." Um, have you tried deodorant? (Thank God you didn't bring your daughter with you - can you say psychological torment?)

When I bring a 6" test-recipe cheesecake in to the office for taste-testing, do NOT take a QUARTER of it as your serving. I know it's good, but let everyone else have a bite, motherfucker.



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