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Monday, May 02, 2005

May I see your license please?

Okay, it's Tuesday but I'm post-dating this to Monday because this is what I planned to write yesterday. . .

The inevitable happened on Saturday: I got my first Z ticket. Guess what it was for - Are you ready?? A rolling stop and an OBSCURED LICENSE PLATE!! Can you believe that shit? Obscured plate? The fuck?? I have the damn dealer frame on there - but he said it was covering the "Texas" so it was illegal. Like you couldn't figure out it was a Texas plate with the little Texas shape, the cowboy and the oil well? Geesh! See for yourself:

(Obviously, the numbers are not blacked out on the real plate.)

So I found out later that day that several people I know got tickets for asinine "offenses" all week - I guess it was an end of the month sweep?? Rick got one for following too closely and no front license plate, Diane got one for an obscured plate (blasted dealer frame again), LEP got one for failure to use a turn signal when changing lanes, Secaibo got because he did not change lanes or slow to less than 20 mph (on IH 35!) when he passed an emergency vehicle (i.e. a cop who was probably writing another ridiculous ticket) on the side of the road, and Vanessa got one for driving TOO SLOW!!! (I saw the ticket - she was doing 66 in a 70 and he gave her a fucking ticket!! Oh, HELL NO. . .)

What a world, what a world.


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