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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I've got NOTHING

Fishface Bambino does Fat Tony: "I'm afraid I must insist. You see, my wife has been most vocal on the subject of the pretzel moneys 18s... Where is the money 18s? When are you going to get the money 18s? Why aren't you getting the money 18s now? And so on. So please. . . the money 18s."

Best quote of the weekend: "My boyfriend was telling me that his friend Cindy always swallows because she doesn't like the mess. I told him that that was fine, but I like a BIG OL' MESS."

Runner up: "Are you going to be there, because I'm celibate now, so there's no need to worry."

This girl from work is getting married in June so her Matron of Honor threw her a bachelorette party this weekend, but no one came!! Isn't that sad? It sounded like it would have been a wonderful evening too - apparently there were plans in the works to rent some chick flicks, drink some lime sherbet/7Up punch (alcohol-free) and play Uno. UNO, people! No one parties harder than those Uno playas! HARDCORE!
(See, this is why Baptists don't often make good friends. . .)

Last Friday, a friend ("Breeze") and I were talking about how hooking up your friends (for dating) always turns out to be a crap-fest. Breeze told me that a mutual friend of ours ("Dingbat" - a chemistry professor who ONE of you did a M.S. Thesis under) set her up with some guy that she and her husband ("Bulldog") had known for years. So Breeze goes out with him and he's okay, but her Gaydar is just going off. He had highlighted hair, kept his bathroom so clean that you could prepare food in it, had an apartment in Oaklawn in Dallas (the gay area), and drove a RED MIATA!! So Breeze went up to Dingbat and Bulldog and said, "Look, he's nice and all but, uh, I think he might be gay." Ding and the Bull just laughed and said, "Yeah, we were wondering about that - we've known him for twelve years and we've never seen him with a woman, so we thought we'd try and find out by using you." (They did add that they'd never seen him with a man either.) As you can imagine, Breeze got a touch pissed. . .

(Sorry about the drivel. I guess someone with talent could weave all this together into a coherent and interesting tale, but --- all ya got is me.)



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