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Friday, April 29, 2005

Shoots and Ladders

By now everyone knows how much I love craigslist, and this turned out to be a freakin' red-letter CL week! I actually saw, in real life, a Craigslister! Tuesday night I was perusing the "Casual Encounters" section - looking at the ads that have pictures attached - and I saw this MW4W ad. Then, yesterday evening while grocery shopping, I SAW THE GUY at the San Marcos HEB!! HA HA HA! (I really wanted to ask him if he'd had a good time on Wednesday night. . .)

Well JoeToes MBRG Terror Seige is officially over. He returned to the lab today and actually had the CAJONES to ask for a timesheet so he could get paid for the last two weeks! Hummer (formerly known as Soduc) told him to go see RW about that, and RW told him that he had been officially removed from the payroll three weeks ago, after he was told to finish up and move on. Oh man - JT was shocked - SHOCKED I tell you! A series of but, but, buts was uttered, but RW just told him that's the way it is, and if he had misunderstood that, then that was his problem. Bah-ha-ha-ha! What added so much more class to it was the fact that I baked a shitload of cupcakes to celebrate "the end times" and we were in the middle of chowing down and ceremonially erasing his height marker from the wall when he walked in.

(A friend called last night and asked what I was doing - I told him I was baking a batch of cakes to celebrate the termination of an employee. He thought about that for a while, then said, "You have found the perfect place to work, haven't you?")

Friday links are back, but they are seriously weak. . . I'm giving you two themes today, Religion and Cute White Things.

I've been holding this one for a while, and I should have put it out earlier, 'cause it's all over the damn net now. The great (worrisome?) thing about that one is that your first instinct is to think it's real, not a parody. The thing is, you know this would be a big hit with the freaky republi-christians that are running amok in this country! (Uh oh, getting political here. . .)

If you're into transubstantiation (and math), here's a site that's right up your alley. A link from the comments led to this fun one. (I thought I wasted a lot of time. . .)

Okay, if you haven't died of boredom, here's some fucking painfully cute shit:

White dog

Polar Bear Cub



More Bastards



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