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Friday, May 13, 2005


I'm going to ignore the one-sentence paragraphs and simply ask: WHERE THE FUCK DID SHE GET 2000 POUNDS OF ANIMAL CARCASSES?????

I love journalists. . .

165 Pets Taken From Calif. Ex-Mayor's Home

RIALTO, Calif. - Responding to neighbor complaints about a home's stench, authorities removed 135 dogs and 30 cats from a urine- and feces-soaked home where a rotting Great Dane was found earlier in a malfunctioning freezer.

Charlotte Spadaro, a former mayor of Beverly Hills, had been rescuing animals for three years and kept them at her South Acacia Avenue home. Authorities monitoring the residence since discovering the Great Dane in January finally got a search warrant to remove the animals Thursday.

"I think the city is out to have them massacred," Spadaro said.

But police Lt. Joe Cirilo said the house was a health hazard for its occupants, neighbors and the animals. After a neighbor complained months ago about the smell and noise at the house, officials found the decomposing corpse of a Great Dane in a malfunctioning freezer.

"At some point we have to draw the line," Cirilo said. "That's why we're here to seek proper care for these animals."

A city inspection was scheduled for Feb. 2 because of the Great Dane discovery. A day before the inspection, Spadaro loaded a rental van with 2,000 pounds of animal carcasses and parked it on a street in Riverside, authorities said.

Riverside County sheriff's deputies found the van, which had begun to stink, several days later.
City Attorney Kathy Gandara said the city has tried to work with Spadaro and conducted periodic inspections.

"She is not willing or able to comply," Gandara said. "This is a last resort for the city."

The animals removed from the home Thursday were taken to the Devore Animal Shelter for examination by a veterinarian. Spadaro has 10 days to request a procedural hearing to determine whether the city was justified in removing the animals.

Spadaro said she runs a legitimate kennel for rescued dogs and cats and the city's action Thursday was illegal.

"I think Rialto has been persecuting me, frankly," Spadaro said.


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