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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Problems? We have no problems!

Ugh. We found out yesterday that the infamous JoeToe is going to be working downstairs in the polymer lab this summer. That's the lab right below us. Hellboy already ran into him in the elevator, so we are trying to find a "safe" way to enter and exit the building.

We also heard that JT was bad-mouthing our lab (no shit, I'd never expect that!) telling everyone how fucked up we are and that we "...pretend to have all this grant money, but actually have none." (Let's all say it together: what. the. fuck.) But, he is the Great Omnicient One, so maybe we are just one step away from pimpin' out the (philosophical) grad students to help pay for our mass spec habit.

Hellboy officially started working (as a technician) in the lab on Monday. He had to go to an orientation where they tell you all the rules and regs, and now he thinks he's working in a police state! Not only did he actually read the rules, he believes that they are enforced!!
Poor Hellboy - obviously he's never worked as a state employee. He was all up in arms about an email attachment some friend sent him - I guess it was a picture of a scantily clad woman - and he became convinced that the Dean was going to walk in, and he was "...going to be prosecuted for looking at porn."

Should be an interesting summer.



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