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Friday, May 13, 2005

the jesus egg

Coffee. It's becoming my nemesis.

That is to say, DxB's coffee, in his beloved Bruker cup, when placed in the dash cup holder of the Z, is becoming my nemesis.

The dash cupholder is not so much a cup-holding-system as it is a cup springboard. (Especially with the fine and NEVER bumpy roadways we have here in San Marcos.) If you really enjoy flat cokes, put 'em there. If you really want to enliven the scent of the car with spilled apple juice, just put the bottle in the holder - - you get the picture.

Every morning this Bruker cup gets filled with coffee and about 14 tablespoons of sugar, placed in the cup-springboard, and off we go. Inevitably, coffee is spilled. All over the dash, the radio controls, down the console and onto the floor. Why would Nissan design a cupholder after a springboard?


Without further ado. . .

Your Friday Links theme is: "Too lazy to look for cool crap on the 'net herself, Sheila mooched links off other websites."

Okay, actually this first one was one I found myself by typing paper dolls adult into Google. (Don't ask. . .) What Large big fat twats japanese girls in bath His job has to do with radio frequency identity technology (RFID) and supply chain management I'll never know.

Here's a handy list from Wikipedia with a link to pornocracy. (Hmmm, this did give me some insight into someone's internet identity. . .)

Gives new meaning to the word pack rat.

This is a great idea.

This is not a great idea.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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