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Monday, May 16, 2005

Are you adequately prepared to rock?

Saturday we went to DocD's to celebrate the official end of her tenure as graduate student scum and her subsequent entry into post-doctoral slavery. It was a nerd-a-riffic good crowd - the "swinging" couple (who NO ONE would ever want to swing with) was there, along with a whole slew of Dell-trodden computer folk. Annnd we were definitely the coolest party in town 'cause we had at least five gay people - of both sexes! (Love, love, LoooVIN' it!!) I finally met the elusive Gabe - who turns out to be an actual real guy and not a figment of DocD's feeble imagination as I had assumed for so long. . .

The end of the evening was the best though, because that's when we held a ceremonial slaughter of her evil and heinous former advisor, (P)rick (the "P" is silent) M. EvilE bought an inflatable doll to stand in for (P)rick, it was a pretty good representation of (P)rick, as it had NO GENITALIA. So, Brent blew the bitch up and DocD put on her ass-kicking biker boots and stomped that motherfucker like she meant it! Mr. DocD joined in too, and there was much rejoicing. Even your humble author got a shot since I had to endure that bunch of asshats when I was at UT. I think I can safely say that never before have I stabbed a male blowup doll in the ass with a Samurai sword. . . Wow, LIBERATING!!

Best party quotes:

"Mark said that Lucas will probably be doing like, Star Wars finger puppet shows in backyards from now on. It will NEVER END." - P.

"Oh man, I was totally going to buy the six-foot penis but I couldn't get it shipped here in time!" - Your humble author

"John tried the vagina thing for about a year, but he came around." - B.

Here's a few extremely crappy cell phone pics of the ritual slaying:

Faux-(P)rick in all his plastic glory:

Yep, it's (P)rick - no firehose. . . (those are DocD's legs with boots attached):


"VICTORY IS MINE!!" sayeth J.:


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