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Friday, May 27, 2005

Did you mean centimeters?

For some reason, size (of both men and women) has been a topic of conversation lately.

We've contemplated why some women aggressively boast about how well-endowed their men are. There was one gal we knew who used to go on about her man's "12 inches" but we came to find out (this is how) that perhaps he was a prime candidate for some Enzyte.

So why did she make the claim? Was she trying to convince herself? I don't even understand why you'd talk about that anyway, so I'm at a loss.

We also wonder if there is really that much variation in size at all. I suppose there are the "outliers" but I can't imagine that in the normal course of events you would see too much that was outside the norm.

And women? Certainly there can't be much variation in them - unless you are talking about after having several children. Besides, there's an awful lot of elasticity involved with that, so I don't see any real way to make an accurate measurement.

So you can probably guess the Friday Links theme: "How big, you say?"

First off we have The Definitive Penis Size Survey. I guess the name pretty much says it all.

Here's a list of sexual averages gathered from what appear to be reputable sources. (I guess there is a way to measure a woman!!) There's also some fun stuff on the main page of this site.

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