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Friday, June 10, 2005


Oh man, last night I dreamt that two male friends of mine were making out with each other in my living room! Jesus, I hope that's not a prognostication of future drama!!

We've been relatively drama-free this week. In fact, it's been downright boring! Now, I'm not trying to lay blame or anything, but the one thing that is different this week is that Cakes is out of town. I'm not saying anything here... I'm just sayin'...


Might as well toss out the Friday links. You'll be able to figure out the theme...

One never knows when a homosexual is about:

Boys Beware is a scary "educational" film from the early 60's that chronicles the dangers of homosexuals. (Did you know that public restrooms can often be a hangout for the homosexual?)


The Chupacabra lets his freak flag fly:

You see that 1961 film up there and think, "Well thank goodness we've changed!" And then you remember the Christian Conservatives. . .


She-Males? What about the He-She's? Did anyone think to mention them? It's discrimination, I tell ya:

She-Male Bill Pushed by Senator Ted Kennedy


Oh, if only we could all be happy heteros!

Have a wonderful weekend,


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