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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Where have you gone

A few days ago I posted an entry about my friend Mark, who died unexpectedly on May 31st. I don't think any of you met him - he was a good friend to DxB's Dad, and we'd known him for twelve years or so. Mark was quite a character, always had an opinion, usually with a smart(assed) remark to accompany it.

Mark had been in a very bad motorcycle accident a few years ago which left him with a lot of troubles which were complicated by him being a diabetic. In addition to the physical ramifications of the accident, there were changes in his personality following his crash. He became much more hostile, more paranoid - just generally difficult and weird. We never knew if these changes were a result of depression or if he'd sustained some kind of head injury. Stubborn shit that he was, he refused to see a neurologist, OR a psychologist.

His wife and his employees tried to go along and help him out, but in the end it was too much for some of them. He and his wife split up, but remained friends, and some of his most loyal coworkers left the business. It just became too difficult to deal with for them. Mark started to distance himself from the rest of his friends and family, and dove full-on into his work. This didn't seem to be too horrible, as his business was providing respite care and recreational services to the disabled - a very noble occupation.

Unfortunately, something finally snapped with Mark. Now, no one is exactly sure what happened, but it looks like perhaps he overdosed himself on his insulin. Everyone is certain that it wasn't an accident, given his record of exemplary control of his blood sugar. Add to the mix this depression he'd been enduring and. . . there you have it.

The strange thing is, it's kind of like he just disappeared rather than died. His family came from Dallas the day after his body was found. They took posession of his remains - and left. There was nothing. They didn't even place an obituary in any newspapers. We had an impromptu memorial service at his ex-wife's place on Saturday, and there were probably sixty people there, but no one knew ANYTHING. Even his step-kids were in the dark. We didn't even know where his remains were. It's so strange and surreal.

Maybe someday we'll get the story, maybe not.

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