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Monday, June 13, 2005

Shadowy Figures

I ended up going up to work several times this weekend, and every time, Poopie was there, sitting in the dark doing experiments or data reduction. He never turns the lights on - I don't know how he can see what he's doing! I swear he's turning into a vampire - or a mole maybe. And he's gotten so anti-social that he leaves the building when anyone else shows up. Weird guy.


Did I ever mention my kooky friend, LoveTree? She's kind of a hippie-chick/intellectual who I met at school. I was talking to another mutual friend of ours this weekend, and the mutual friend told me that LoveTree has still not weaned her child. Did I mention the child is now THREE YEARS OLD?? LoveTree said she wanted to have another baby, but she wanted to wait until the first one was no longer nursing. God, that could be twelve, thirteen years at the rate she's going. . .


Oh yeah, before I forget: Happy Birthday Enigma! (FKA TheAscetic).




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