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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Better Luck

I know I'm into you.
I don't know what to do.
When we talk I feel like I've died twice.
Boxers use it's fists.
Hockey players break their wrist.
You break my heart when you try to play nice.
Like a detective without a case
I'll magnify what you say and
Test the implications.
It could be you or it could be through
Before it even begins.
I'm a fish swimming without fins.

Better luck next time.
Maybe we could have a go
With another kind of love
One that carries on.
Better luck next time.
Guess I've only one regret
That i didn't get to know you better than I did.

You tell me that you're mine.
Are you just being kind?
Let's not stretch our imagination.
When you look in my eyes
Always get them butterflies
My knees get weak with anticipation.
And if I might have a slip of the tongue
Will the fun dissapear?
Is the binding coming undone?
You keep me waiting within your grasp
But I can't tell what you feel,
And I'm too afraid to ask you.

Better luck next time.
Maybe we could have a go
With another kind of love
One that carries on.
Better luck next time.
Guess I've only one regret
That I didn't get to know you better than I did.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Welcome to the Jungle

Remember that Simpsons episode where Lisa gets a crush on Nelson? That was on tonight.

(And I just took a swig of Maker's straight out of the bottle.)

I need to come back to my senses here. It's not like I've lost them, I'm just ignoring them - but only slightly. No need for worry. (Unless I keep sucking on that bottle of liquid inhibition-be-gone.)

But I'm here tonight - not there (wherever that may be.) But I made a promise to be there tomorrow. So what the hell happens then? I'll tell you what happens - Wolfie gets disappointed.

I am:
keeping it together

In reverse:

Yesterday was not like the first two meetings at all. Rather normal, in a drug-hazed sort of way. Kind of like Tha' Good Old Days in the big Vicky with E and company - or maybe Jose and me in the cave? Lots and lots of "philosophy" and politics. I met a friend of TheWolf's who was my political doppelganger - liberal pinko on one hand (Walmart) and tight-ass neo-con on another (bums). Anyway. The house was really nice. TheWolf was really nice. TheVeiledSibyl was not swayed.

Sunday was DR the original. Oh my god - what was I thinking? Not a snowball's chance in hell. That Nelson's been replaced by a skinnier and more connected one. TheVeiledSibyl is DONE.

Saturday was deathxwater #3 (is it three? maybe four since one counts twice.) HeWhoCannotBeNicknamed (yet) or the tattooed one or whatever has a it all, y'all. But it's a repeat of the first. Fuck. TheVeiledSibyl may be in trouble with this one.

And Friday was Hellboy and me and a tub-0-beer. And that's when the phone calls were made. (Hello Wolfie). TheVeiledSibyl was drunk and talking to Okashii.

(It's a damn crime to dilute God in a Bottle with Coke, let me tell you.)

I need to call someone. (DxW^2)

If you got the money honey
We got your disease



Last night I was asked this question: "Are you an evil-type woman?"

Muwah-ha-haaaaa. . .

(I said no.)


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'll be there when you need something strange

And then I got pelted by green beans

Tales from the Grocery Cart takes a different turn this week. It was See-Everyone-You-Know-And-HAHA-You-Picked-The-Idiot-Checker-Who-Tries-To-Flirt-With-You-By-Joking-About-Vegetables-Day. Ran into the (ex?) brother in law, the boss' wife, some chick I went to high school with and then. . .

I saw DR (the original DR - the one from forever ago).

Suprised the shit out of me. I seriously thought he was (a) dead, (b) incarcerated, or (c) in a drug-induced coma. We talked for a little while, and he asked me the same question he's been asking me for twenty years, but this time, I got to give him a different answer. (Suprised the shit out of him.) Numbers were exchanged, but I'll get to that later.


I'm an anti-artist

And they climbed Mount Bonnell, and lo she did throweth her cell phone from the top.

LEP did, that is. As for me, Sprint will either drown in the San Marcos River, or be torched in a ceremonial fire.

That means I'll have a new number sometime soon. So everyone who had the old one will be shit outta luck if they want to talk to me, until I deem you worthy of receiving the new digits. (Handy for ducking from an old "whatever" like DR.)



Friday, November 04, 2005

How Jolly Is Your Roger?

Click the image to see more pics from Halloween in Athens, GA.