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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Welcome to the Jungle

Remember that Simpsons episode where Lisa gets a crush on Nelson? That was on tonight.

(And I just took a swig of Maker's straight out of the bottle.)

I need to come back to my senses here. It's not like I've lost them, I'm just ignoring them - but only slightly. No need for worry. (Unless I keep sucking on that bottle of liquid inhibition-be-gone.)

But I'm here tonight - not there (wherever that may be.) But I made a promise to be there tomorrow. So what the hell happens then? I'll tell you what happens - Wolfie gets disappointed.

I am:
keeping it together

In reverse:

Yesterday was not like the first two meetings at all. Rather normal, in a drug-hazed sort of way. Kind of like Tha' Good Old Days in the big Vicky with E and company - or maybe Jose and me in the cave? Lots and lots of "philosophy" and politics. I met a friend of TheWolf's who was my political doppelganger - liberal pinko on one hand (Walmart) and tight-ass neo-con on another (bums). Anyway. The house was really nice. TheWolf was really nice. TheVeiledSibyl was not swayed.

Sunday was DR the original. Oh my god - what was I thinking? Not a snowball's chance in hell. That Nelson's been replaced by a skinnier and more connected one. TheVeiledSibyl is DONE.

Saturday was deathxwater #3 (is it three? maybe four since one counts twice.) HeWhoCannotBeNicknamed (yet) or the tattooed one or whatever has a it all, y'all. But it's a repeat of the first. Fuck. TheVeiledSibyl may be in trouble with this one.

And Friday was Hellboy and me and a tub-0-beer. And that's when the phone calls were made. (Hello Wolfie). TheVeiledSibyl was drunk and talking to Okashii.

(It's a damn crime to dilute God in a Bottle with Coke, let me tell you.)

I need to call someone. (DxW^2)

If you got the money honey
We got your disease



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