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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dear MTV,

So, two days "vacation" have passed. Let's see what I've gotten done:

paint hallway and trim
paint shelves
take all crap to goodwill and recycling
get rid of old toilet bowls
put up chair rail in dining room
buy new dishwasher
pressure wash porch (front and back)
clean ceiling fans
get the dead scorpion out of the kitchen light fixture
put new weatherstripping on front door
clean up burn area
trim trees away from house
clean garage
clean the fish tanks

paint living room wall
shampoo carpets

paint old dollcase

Hmm, not much. But that was expected.


I haven't had much to say about our favorite TCB nutcase, StallenFar, for a while. Seems like her wacked-out histrionics sort of played themselves out since she conned some sap into making her his beard. (Um - I mean, since she's gotten engaged. . .)

S.F. was totally stalking this guy, Cook, a few years back - creepy, freaky-ass stalking. She exchanged a few emails and IM's with him and suddenly she had herself convinced that she was having some kind of serious relationship with him. She'd only met him in person once, and it was a very brief meeting at that. She even went so far as to go to school in his hometown, hoping that somehow she'd run into him. Fortunately for him, that never happened. I'm quite sure she spent hours sitting outside his home waiting... just waiting. Eek.

Somehow amidst all this stalking she managed to get a real boyfriend that she went on real dates with. I think they were engaged within about two weeks of meeting each other, but she left him around their three month anniversary for a friend of his.

She was engaged to this one within a month or so, and their wedding is coming up soon. This second one kind of chilled her interest in her stalkee, but as her wedding date draws nearer, more and more of her online journal entries are about Cook... how much she misses him, how he lost so much by not choosing her, how badly he treated her, how much he loved her - you get the picture. It's kind of like old times, as her old journal entries are filled with intimate (yet completely false) details of their imaginary relationship.

Recently she found out that the entire time she was stalking Cook, he was dating another girl. (Of course, she says he was "cheating on her".) This is especially funny since several other TCBer's knew about (and knew) said "Other Woman". And hell yes - certain individuals made sure that said OtherWoman was well aware of StallenFar's screwball antics and her crazy journal entries. (Sibyl pulls the veil down, averts her gaze, and says "Oh! What kind of awful person would do something like that??")

So now Stall is devastated, scorned and forlorned and planning her wedding. Anybody wanna take bets on how long this'll last??



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