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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Contract, Relax, Contract, Relax

Okashii was telling me about a coworker of his who insists on reminding everyone that his wife is from Spain, whether it is pertinent to the conversation or not. "The weather is nice here - did I tell you my wife is from Spain?" "I think I may have mentioned that my wife is from Spain, so I'll have the steak." "I missed my connecting flight, but you know my wife is from Spain." (Okay, I made those up, but you get the idea.)

We were wondering what the damn deal with that was. I figured it was some kind of veiled boast or bizarre insinuation - the Spanish lover mystique. Whatever. Oka had some experience with that and said it was a myth.

Kind of the same thing happens when a guy has an Asian chick. I remember Sunrise's friend, Jersey telling us, "My wife is Asian you know, so she can do this thing down there that feels like a vacuum." Sunrise said, "Yeah, those are called Kegels - everyone can do that." It's so typical though - guys always assume that an Asian girl has some ancient chinese sex secrets all stored away. Makes no damn sense, man.



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