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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bacon cheeseburger, hold the bacon...

The blue wall is gone! (Well, it's still there, it's just got a coat of purple paint on it now.) This is the first time that we've lived without "the blue wall" for something like ten years. You know (or you may not know, I don't know) how superstitious I am, so this is bothering me a little. But hell, maybe the blue wall was a harbringer of bad shit - never thought of that...


Back when I was an undergrad, I had this art prof who used to always say "don't just eat the menu". I guess she was trying to tell us to be adventurous or to not simply accept things as they are... At the time though I guess I was distracted or dumb, because I always took her literally. (Well, not as literally as my friend, who thought she was telling us to not chew on menus - - he's a fireman now.) Anyway, I always imagined her in a restaurant being a major pain in the ass to some poor waiter.

Now, I don't know if it was her near constant prattling or what, but people who literally refuse to order the menu in a restaurant is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. Those people have no place in society. They really don't. (Thank the gods I never was in food service - I'd be in jail for sure.) I mean, a little is okay - maybe you really, really hate tomatoes or you want the dressing on the side - no big deal. It's those ultra-super-finickys that get my cabrito. Just fucking eat what they serve, motherfuckers!

The other day we were at Vietnamese/Chinese place in Austin and I overheard a couple next to us ordering. She wanted an order of pork spring rolls, but (and she was very adamant about this) with NO VEGETABLES AT ALL. So yeah, WTF?? A spring roll is mostly veggies, isn't it? Her entree came with a choice of white or fried rice, and she ordered fried, but with no egg and (of course) no vegetables and with the soy sauce on the side. The hell? That doesn't even begin to make sense. Her dining partner wasn't much better. He actually ordered something straight off the menu, but only after asking the waitress ten thousand questions about several different dishes before making his final decision. "Does it have ginger?" "Does it have garlic?" "Does it have soy?" "Is that fried?" "Is that dark or white meat?" GOD DAMN! Read the menu asshole!

If I'm ever with someone like that I just cringe when they start in with all their "special instructions" - drives me bat shit crazy, it does! Of course, if I find out someone is that way I make sure that I never dine with them again - too much stress. But, I think I'm not alone in this hatred, because I've noticed that most of the time the "Pickies" dine in groups of their own kind. We Normals avoid them at all costs.

What the hell is that anyway? Do people just want special treatment? HA - the special treatment is probably the waiter's loogie in their veggie-free salad...

On that note...

Enjoy your lunch,


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