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Friday, July 22, 2005

Tasty Indeed...

Last night was another TR show - first one in a few weeks. It was good, but I'm sooo tired. I didn't have too many Shiners (three?) but I think the heat and the beer make an extremely bad combination.

We got to the venue and there was some "happy hour band" playing - we thought we'd be first on. Anyway - these dudes played for like 2 hours or something - FOREVER. We never thought they'd quit. And it wasn't necessarily good stuff - just this friggin' unending Phish-style jam. YAWN... I didn't watch them too much, we were all hanging out in the back of the club, but what I did see was weird. They had the traditional three-man guitar/bass/drums lineup, but them some dude came onstage (from off the street??) with an acoustic and joined in the jam. You couldn't even hope to hear that acoustic, but he was strumming away to beat all. Whatever.

I was in the bathroom (conveniently located right next to the stage) and I heard a drum lead up to what I HOPED was the end of their "jam" - but NO!! They just started right back up again. Two more such false alarms and I was getting PISSED. We were supposed to go on at 10, but Phish-junior didn't leave the stage until 9:55. Top it off? They spilled a bunch of water all over the stage as they were leaving. Butts.

Later on, after the TR set, I was waiting in line for the bathroom with another girl - we waited, and waited... finally, the door opened, and out stepped a MAN, followed by a woman. I thought "Oh shit - I do NOT want to go in there now!" I looked at the other girl waiting with me, and she had this disgusted look, and she said, "Uh, you go ahead." Man, I had to pee so bad that I had no choice, so I gingerly went in. I grabbed a handful of paper towels and covered the toilet with like 10 layers. I tried to convince myself that they were in there doing coke - how fucked up is that that the thought of people doing coke makes you feel better?? Anyway, as I came out, I made sure to hand the poor girl who was next in line a big old wad of paper towels...

BTW, certain parties were not in attendance last night, so there was no drama at all. Quite boring, actually.


Today is Bunny's birthday, and I promised to build her a chocolate monstrosity - forgetting that there was a show last night. So, I made the cake, the filling, and the glaze on Wednesday, and went hime during lunch yesterday to put it all together for today. I was hoping that the cake wasn't going to taste like onions or pickles or garlic or whatever the hell else I had in the fridge. It didn't, and it was a big hit with the choc-rades in the office.


I still don't have anything good for the Friday links, but Google Earth is a LOT of fun. Great way to waste time. And yep - if I know your address, I've looked at the roof of your house. At least I guess I have... If you type my address, it goes to the wrong place. Close, but wrong.

And this headline is too much. I'm, um... speechless.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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