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Friday, July 15, 2005

Where's my whiskey? I'm gonna get tore up!


First off, I think Friday links are going to be on hiatus for a while - your humble author used to spend hours searching the internets for entertaining, strange and/or disturbing things, but alas, RL is intruding once again into that little pleasure.


I made a tentative plan to take the last week of July off. I'm not going anywhere, just not going to work. I have a huge list of crap that I want to do around the house. I'll post it here and we can laugh at my (lack of) progress:

paint hallway and trim
paint shelves
take all crap to goodwill and recycling
get rid of old toilet bowls
put up chair rail in dining room
buy new dishwasher
pressure wash porch (front and back)
clean ceiling fans
get the dead scorpion out of the kitchen light fixture
put new weatherstripping on front door
clean up burn area
trim trees away from house
clean garage
clean the fish tanks

Yeah. We'll see how much of that gets done.


So today is RW's birthday, and since he brought me some bottles of key lime juice from Florida, I decided to make him his favorite - key lime pie. (BTW, we found out today that there most certainly is a difference between KL pie made with key limes and KL pie made with grocery store limes... Ya gotta get Key Limes... much, much better.)

Anyway, he told me that his wife came home from the store with a Sara Lee frozen Key Lime pie yesterday, which she was planning on serving after his birthday dinner. His son said, "Why'd you buy that Mom? Sheila's going to make him a REAL one from scratch that'll be a whole lot better anyway." The wife looked at RW and asked if that was true, and he started backpedalling furiously - "Uh, well, DxB likes Key Lime pie, and she always makes one for his birthday, and any time anyone has a birthday she makes their favorite..." HA!!! So now I'm in the Dessert Doghouse!! Ah well, the wife's birthday is next week, so I'm hoping a cheesecake or chocolate monstrosity will calm the waters!

Have a wonderful weekend,


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